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Bonus Program for Virtual Assistance 

The bonus program for Account Managers is structured to align with the goals of the Agency. Recurring clients is the most important asset to our Agency.


  1. Recurring clients allow us the opportunity to service our customers in a meaningful way that improves their quality of life long term.

  2. Recurring clients allow cleaners to build a lasting relationship with customers and have a steady stream of income.

  3. Recurring clients provide financial stamina to the Agency through business and economic cycles of decline.

When: Bonuses are calculated per calendar quarter and paid out in the 2nd pay period of the month after that quarter.

Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec

Net New Recurring Clients (NNRC) is total new recurring clients minus total canceled recurring clients. One client with multiple recurring jobs is still one recurring client. 

Quarterly Bonus Program

0-17 Net New Recurring Clients = zero bonus

18-24 Net New Recurring Clients = $30 bonus each

25-30 Net New Recurring Clients = 2x multiplier ($60 bonus each)

31-36 Net New Recurring Clients = 3x multiplier ($90 bonus each)

37+ Net New Recurring Clients = 4x multiplier



Jane got 15 NNRC in Q1 and earned zero bonus. 15 x $0

Jane got 19 NNRC in Q2 and earned $570 in bonuses. 19 x $30

Jane got 28 NNRC in Q3 and earned $1680 in bonuses. 28 x $60

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