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Human Resources
General Manager
Account Manager
Account Manager
(For Cleaners)
Organizational Structure

CEO: Oversee the general direction of the business and offer support and guidance. Meets with General Manager weekly to provide direction, course correct and review reporting.

General Manager: Provide training and coaching to employees to achieve their highest potential. Perform performance evaluations and pay assessments. Oversee the overall performance to the company and its employees to achieve the strategic objective and financial goals of the agency.

Marketing: Marketing for the agency to gain customers and cleaners. Networking in the community. Create and manage advertising campaigns through print, online and/or other effective means. Manage email marketing and social media marketing. Conduct customer surveys.

Finance: Daily closeouts, bank deposits, QuickBooks. Create and review budget. Conduct weekly and monthly meetings with team to go over KPIs and Year to Date performance chart. Payroll.

Human Resource: Recruit, train and evaluate performance. Accept request for time off. Arrange for benefits or employee programs.

Account Manager: Responsible for growth and maintenance of customer base through hospitable, professional and fast service via phone and email communications.

Recruitment: Post ads for recruiting cleaners, conduct phone screening, interview and orientation. Conduct 1 month check in to complete cleaner profile. Conduct semi-annual review of contract and terms. Enter cleaners into L27. Enter cleaners into DCRA calendar. Send off DE 542. Complete cleaner files and assign contract numbers. Organize and keep files up to date. Reach out to cleaners to confirm addresses are still the same in November. Conduct cleaner satisfaction surveys.

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